I am the CEO of Candor & Co Consulting. I’m passionate about early childhood education, equity and strategic partnerships. I love helping organizations identify the solutions that will strengthen communities and create better outcomes for children. 

I’m also…
a baker, auntie, a proud black woman and obsessed with beautifully designed spaces.

Early Childhood Education

With over 15 years in the field, I have a wide array of skills and experiences working with educators at all levels. I am a skilled professional development designer, excel at supporting early childhood teachers and administrators and designing quality early childhood service models. I specialize in assisting organizations improve direct service delivery and develop community-centered solutions.

Strategic Alliances

We all win when decision makers are diverse, consider a wide variety of perspectives and are aligned to a common goal. I use this knowledge and my strengths in relationship building and strategic thinking to support organizations as they determine the right partnerships to prioritize and pursue.

Non-Profit Management

I have a wealth of experience working with non-profits and foundations to influence community impact and educational outcomes. My portfolio includes leading project implementation, community program development, project management and comprehensive planning for direct service delivery.

The right community alliances and organizational partnerships
have the power to transform communities.